Brentaal's "second city." The Curovao family is both noble and rich, and it founded the homonym city. In some time, the city of Curovao became one of the largest cities on Brentaal, and the family used it to control much of its business during the times of the Old Republic. One of these businesses was Curovao ImpEx.

Due to Curovao working with experimental military technologies, it became a target for civil rights activists during the years prior to the onset of the Clone Wars. The Brentaal Dissidents League protested against many of the dealings of Curovao and other Brentaali corporations, claiming that Curovao achieved its profits by exploiting underdeveloped planets and peoples, crushing competitors and paying minimum wages. Corporate executives of Curovao, fearing for their lives, agreed to hire additional security forces to maintain their operations.

Today, the "Viscount of Curovao," an honorary title, refers to the city of Curovao.