A species of huge, flying insect indigenous to Brentaal, one of the few lifeforms not displaced by colonization and terraforming. Kundrils grow to be at least twenty meters and often much larger. They have long, slender, multi-segmented bodies, bulging out to hardened wedges at the tail end. These wedges can be used to bash their prey into submission. Their bodies are lined with row upon row of thin, translucent wings, which are used for maneuvering in the air, but the actual method of flight is a series of internal gas bladders inside their exoskeletons, which are filled with lighter-than-air gases.

Kundrils don't have eyes and hunt by means of echolocation. Kundrils typically live and hunt by the shore and at sea, swooping down from the air to catch fish or sea mammals. Kundrils mate and lay their eggs on land, hidden in sand nests. Seagoing kundrils are typically blue or green. Most land-based kundrils became extinct, either supplanted by non-native creatures or exterminated. In the mountains and canyons, a few bright red Imperial kundrils still exist, often near volcanoes.

Kundrils are formidable, but rarely attack Humans or Human-sized creatures unless provoked. They are, however, capable of attacking and devouring humanoid sentients and can in fact defend themselves against airspeeders if necessary.